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*What the hell is going on here?* Mitsuki stormed into the Akatsuki living room to find all members of the organization gathered together in a circle. “Aha! You’re having a meeting and didn’t bother inviting me?” she yelled half angrily half irritated. Everyone turned around to see the fuming blonde. Her wolf ears came out indicating that she wasn’t happy.

“We are not having a meeting. We are playing, hun.” Deidara smiled widely. The mouths on his hands stuck out their tongues.

“Playing?” Mitsuki asked in confusion.

“Yeah, 7 minutes in heaven, heard of that?” Kisame grinned exposing his sharp teeth. The girl looked at them dumbfounded. Her expression said it all. Mitsuki’s left eye twitched.

“But we extended it to 15 minutes.” Konan explained mixing the papers in a basket.

“15 minutes…wait what the FUCK?!” the girl smacked her hand on her forehead. “And Uchiha actually agreed to it?” she asked gravely and looked at Itachi. He met her gaze with his cold one and looked away clearly not interested.

“There, there,” Deidara suddenly appeared in from of the girl’s face. “Calm down, hun.” He smiled. “Do you want me to pet you better?”

“P…pet me?” Mitsuki narrowed her eyes. She could feel her ears trembling on her head. “WHAT AM I A DOG?!” she yelled into his face. Deidara took a step back. “Listen here Barbie, I don’t know what you were thinking, but let me tell you this…those freaky hands of yours are not getting anywhere near my body!”

Smile never left Deidara’s face as he sat down and looked straight ahead of him. Mitsuki turned on her heels and started walking out when Pein stopped her.

“If all the members are playing that means you are as well,” he said.

“Like hell I am!”

“You are!” he pressed. “Because if you are not,” he glared. Mitsuki minced slightly. “You know what will happen.”

The cussed under her breath and sat down. Arguing with Pein was equivalent to arguing with a wall, except for the small fact that Mitsuki had a secret…and Pein knew it, and he could use it against her. He would use it on her if he had to! The girl furrowed her eyebrows and concentrated on ignoring everyone. She hated how Pein blackmailed her, yet there was nothing she could do about it…not that time at least.

Deidara sent a glance into her direction. Her concentrated pouting face was adorable. His heart clenched. The blonde smiled ironically and looked down on his hands. Deidara never let it show that Mitsuki’s words bothered him. For him, as a man, it was shameful and disgraceful to look pitiful in front of a female. He didn’t want anyone’s pity or sympathy and less than anything he wanted Mitsuki to look down on him. The blonde clenched his fists and closed his eye trying to calm down. When he opened his eye again he saw Mitsuki staring at him. Her face was blank. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking or feeling. Deidara sighed.

“Yo, bitch, pick the fucking paper.” Hidan shoved the basket into Mitsuki’s face causing her to fall back. Deidara couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You horse humping bitch!” Mitsuki yelled back at Hidan and jumped into his direction with an intention to scratch his eyes out.

“Do it, I dare you!” Hidan smirked. Mitsuki stuck her tongue out.

“Fuck no, you might actually like it!” she shoved her hand into the basked and roamed it while thinking whom she was going to get. Whoever it was – he (or she in Konan’s case) was not getting any, so it didn’t matter. Finally her fingers stopped on a very soft and smooth piece of paper. It felt totally different to the rest. She raised her eyebrow and looked at it. It was a pale blue colour with a single red lotus draw on it.

“I got a red lotus?” she said loudly and stood up. Mitsuki stretched and without looking at whom she got, she walked into the dark closet. Before she could turn around and take a look at her ‘date’ the closet door closed. She could sense a protective jutsu place on it from the outside. Mitsuki rolled her eyes and sat down.

“So, who is it?” she asked lazily playing with her hair. “No actually…don’t tell, I know that smell.” She added before the person could reply. “Well hello there Deidara.”

“How did you know it was me?” he asked. Mitsuki felt him sit down nearby. She shrugged.

“I told you, it’s your smell.” She replied.

Deidara smiled to himself. *My smell huh?* he thought.

“Don’t get any weird ideas,” Mitsuki warned. “It’s just that your smell I cannot confuse with anyone else’s.”

Deidara’s smile widened.

“You always smell of clay, and even though that smell isn’t really pleasant,” she continue talking as she was having a conversation with herself, “you always have a hint of spices and sweets on you. It’s almost bitter sweet.” Mitsuki pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. “As if I can almost taste it…” she blurred out before she realised what she was saying.

“That sounds like a confession.” Deidara said.

“Bitch please,” she yawned. “You are not my type.”

The man furrowed his eyebrows. Why did she always have to do it? Why did she always have to say something terribly bitter after giving him a hint of hope?

“And…who is your type?” he asked clenching his hands together.

The girl didn’t reply.

“Someone like leader-sama huh?” he said quietly and closed his eyes.

“The fuck? Blondie what the hell are you mumbling there? Stop getting weird shit into your dense head.” She groaned in annoyance and frustration. *The hell is wrong with his today?* she thought scratching one of the wolf ears that appeared once again. *He is acting weirder than usually.*

Deidara was quiet for a moment. The thoughts in his head were a mess.

Suddenly Mitsuki felt a tight grip on her arm. Something wet massaged her skin. “What the,” the girl was taken aback. A hand covered her mouth. Before she could react a paralyzing jutsu was sent at her. Her body weakened in Deidara’s arms. “DEIDARA, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” she yelled, but he ignored her. The man gently placed her on her floor while she cussed him with every curse she knew. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD!”

“Mitsuki, hun.” Deidara said quietly. “Shut it, before a put a silencing jutsu on you.” he snapped.

Mitsuki’s eyes widened. *This bastard! I’m going to fucking kill him! I will destroy him! I will sacrifice his sorry ass to Jashin and when he finally dead and chopped, I’ll dancing a puddle of his blood!* she thought her eyes twitching. The anger that was boiling inside her was irradiating from her body. Deidara could feel it with every inch of his skin.

“Deidara…” she hissed gravely.

“Don’t talk!” he ordered. Deidara’s tone was different…more stiff…more dominating and powerful. Mitsuki felt a chill run down her spine. She never had seen Deidara like that. “Just be quiet. Don’t say a word,” he whispered into her ear gently touching it with his lips. His long hair tickled her face. The girl shivered. Why did his scent get stronger and…sweeter? Mitsuki closed her eyes and inhaled. *What the fuck is happening to me?* she thought as her body lingered and tingled in several places. She ached to arch her back yet she couldn’t. Mitsuki felt a soft kiss planted on her neck. Her eyes widened as all the anger the felt towards the blonde man came back.

“DEIDARA! DON’T YOU DARE!” she yelled trying once again to move, but failing miserably.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Deidara barked at her. The blonde man clenched his fists angrily. “JUST SHUT THAT MOUTH OF YOURS!”

He didn’t mean it. He really didn’t, but…he couldn’t stand it any longer. Offenses, rudeness, bitterness, sneers…none of it.

Mitsuki bit her lower lip. She never expected Deidara to speak to her that way and when he did…it hurt.

She turned away and closed her eyes, silently. There was an ache in her chest. She felt unpleasant. She waited but nothing happened. They were only in the closet for a couple of minutes but it felt like hours. Mitsuki made an attempt to move. To her surprise she could finally feel her body, yet the jutsu didn’t disappear yet. *He must have loosened the grip.* she thought but didn’t move. Even though she was still mad at the blonde, the curiosity and anticipation of what was going to follow won over. The mixture of feelings she felt towards confused her and she wanted to clear everything.

Mitsuki hated uncertainty.

Her thoughts were interrupted by two cold yet soft hands touching her neck. The wolf years twitched as the fur on them stood up slightly. Long fingers stroked her exposed flesh carefully. He was savouring the feeling of her skin. Mitsuki’s lips trembled. Why did it feel so good?

Deidara touched her cheek, then her hair. He stroked and scratched the back of her wolf ears.

“Ahhh…” Mitsuki let out. Her eyes widened in shock when she heard her own voice. Deidara’s hand froze. His heartbeat sped up. *Could it be…possibly…is she enjoying it?*

The next instant she felt Deidara’s lips press to hers. They were hot and soft but not gentle. Deidara kissed her hard, biting her lips and licking them, then biting again begging for entrance. Mitsuki let down her guard and the man slipped his tongue into her mouth.

*What is this feeling? WHAT IS THIS FEELING?* Mitsuki yelled in her mind as he explored the inside of her mouth. Deidara moaned into the kiss when he felt Mitsuki’s tongue rub against his own deepening the kiss.

*Why do I feel so good…?* the girl thought. The confusion wasn’t going away. It was worsening.

“Mitsuki…Mitsuki…Mitsuki,” his hot breath burned as he continuously whispered her name while kissing neck. His lips moved to her exposed tummy. Deidara licked around her belly button biting the skin lightly.

“D…Deidara…” she cried out feeling how her tail stiffened. The excitement was growing. Deidara’s pheromones wrapped around her like an envelope. Mitsuki bit her lower lip as hard as she good, her sharp teeth piercing the skin, when Deidara stroked the inner side of her leg. She was ready to cry out. What she was feeling was humiliating, but amazing at the same time.

“Mitsuki,” Deidara bit her neck a little harder. *I like you Mitsuki…* he thought. *I feel like going insane…*

Yet he never said it.

Mitsuki felt the jutsu fade as Deidara’s guard was let down and yet…she didn’t move.

The man lay on top of her. Their lips met again. The kiss tasted of iron…it tasted of candy…

The feeling of jutsu being lifted off the door came to both of them. Deidara kissed her lips for the last time, savouring the feeling and taste. He got off.

He whispered something under his breath assuming that the girl was still under his jutsu. She pushed herself off the floor and got up. Without a word she walked past him. Her hand reached for the door handle.

“Mitsuki,” she stopped. “I will not apologize for this.” Deidara said loudly and firmly.

She opened the door and walked out, shutting it behind her loudly, leaving him in the darkness. She ignored the rest of the members. Their voice only annoyed.

“‘I will not apologize for this’ he says, huh?” she said out loud as she stopped in front of the door of her room.  *Good. I’d kill you if you did.*
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